Sunday, June 29, 2014

The 1st annual SUNSET SIXTIES poster

This summer is the beginning of the Triple Crown of Retro Surfing...The Surfside Seventies July 12th, The Sunset Sixties on August 9th and the HB 80s at the end of the summer TBD...winner of the TCORS gets a custom handshaped surfboard by Mark Richards

Friday, August 9, 2013

15th annual Surfside Seventies 2013

Stained Glass Fin Trophys

70s Board Choices

Bob Bellamy Soul Bottom Turn

Bobby Baker wins the John Kissel Power Surfer Award

SS Beach Scene

Jeff Deffenbaugh wins first place Stamps 70s surfboard and prizes...the 2013 Surfside Seventies Champ

The Finalists

Beach Scene

 Jay Larson
Peter Townend showing his refurbished Bronzed Aussies

Sam August with his winning Cutback

Tim Stamps and Casey Wheat

Casey Wheat off the top..

Monday, July 15, 2013

15th annual Surfside Seventies results

           1. Jeff Deffenbaugh
2. Jay Larson
        3. Wyatt Simmons
 4. Justin Davis
           5. Tyler Scarborough
           6. Brian Van Arsdale

John Kissel Power Surfer Award- Bobby Baker
Best Wipeout-Cristian Franzen
Best Cutback- Sam August
Best Tube Ride - Sam Wickwire
Best 70s Lipper- Drew Middleton
Best 70s Style- Mark Stewart
Best Grommet- Noah Steinmetz
Best Surfside Seventies Surfer Girl- Betsy Bothell
Driftwood Award- Alley Cat Matt
Best Mustache - Billy Webb

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Tim Stamps Surfside Seventies Model Single Fin Surfboard First Place Prize

Tim Stamps has shaped a new 70s model single fin stinger that will be awarded to the first place in the 15th annual Surfside Seventies 2013 ....this shape is similar to the winning shape that has been used (and won) by Tim Stamps for many years..

This logo will be on this surfboard and hats this year....please sign up at Katin...30 bucks to be a part of this on 70s surfboards, get an event tshirt, free food and drinks at Schooner At Sunset, and have a blast..

Monday, July 16, 2012

14th annual Surfside Seventies

1.Bradie Shemke
2. Casey Wheat
3.Lance Allbright
4. Benny Bigler
5. Sam August
6. Mike Vavak

Best Wipeout..Tommy Tear
Best Barrel...Caden Kerr
Best Cutback...Aryn Farris
John Kissel Poere Surfer award...Tim Stamps
Dylan Tyrnauer Surfside Seventies Style award...Gary Sahagan
Jenny Heather Seventies Surfer Girl award....Lauren Stinson
Best 70s Mustache award...Bobby Baker
Best 70s Grommet award...Dylan Hord

Ted Lytle nice board choice

Don the Beachcomber awards ceremony

Jake Baker, Dylan Montierth 70s surfboard choice

70s finals board raffle....Casey Wheat, Mike Vavak, Benny Bigler, Sam August and Bradie Shemke.

Saturday, July 30, 2011

13th Annual Surfside Seventies

Seventies Style Trophy winner Peter Townend
David Kerr, Bud Llamas and Best Wipeout Trophy winner Joe McElroy

Sunday, July 11, 2010

12th annual Surfside Seventies Results

1. Jay Larson
2. Paul Pugliesi
3. Mark Stewart
4. Scott "Pod" Banuelos
5. Joel Bonassissi
6. Lance Allbright

John Kissel Power Surfer Award- Bradie Shemke
Steve Adler Expression Session- Joe Paterno
Best Wipeout- Todd Horton
Best Barrel-Todd Roberts
Best Lipper- Scotty Myer
Best Cutback- Bob Bellamy

Best Up and Coming Grommets- Jake Baker. Zach Simpson
Best Mustache-Brad Sample

This years event really turned out magical. With no swell in the forecast, the waves came in and the conditions were glassy for the entire event. Tony Alvarado brought out some new beautiful shapes and the heats were stacked. 1976 World Champ Peter "PT" Townend surfed against grommet Jake Baker in a fun filled heat. The memory of John Kissel was in the air as the waves kept coming in and seemingly getting bigger. The technique and intensity of Jay Larson was unstoppable as he became the new Surfside Seventies champ. Close behind Jay was Paul Pugliesi who threw some incredible power turns. The "Expression Session"was about 20 minutes with about 20 guys out trying to get the best wave for the bamboo fin trophy and awards. Joe Paterno won over all the riders with his colorful wig and long sweeping left to the beach. Todd Horton beat out everyone with a spectacular wipeout...he'll be OK.

Thanks to everyone involved,

Friday, July 2, 2010

12th annual Surfside Seventies- John Kissel Memorial-with Steve Adler, Bruce Becker

July 10th 2010....First heat starts at 7am...15 minute of 2 will pick a number from a hat and there will be 4 boards with your corresponding number...pick the best one....all 1970 era boards....every board is verified to be 1970-79 by our experts from the era...

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Seventies carve

Anderson St. Sunset Beach/Surfside
Contestants must pick a number out of a hat to see which seventies surfboard they get to ride in the heat.
This year will be a separate heat called the "Expression Session" in between Quarters and Semi Finals with a select group and whoever wants to get in. There will be a trophy for the winner of that session. Remember to bring down the old classic seventies boards. Even though there will be many boards to ride we still want more boards down there to see and admire shapes from the seventies and beyond.